Secure, innovative, technology-driven legal services.

We Know What it Takes

Growing companies need legal expertise spanning continents, industries and practices. Fasken provides solutions in all areas of law, for almost every industry and sector.

Emerging technology companies need, and expect, something more.

ViaFasken is a secure legal services application specifically tailored to the needs of emerging technology companies.

Measuring Success

ViaFasken has not only changed how we deliver legal services, it will change how emerging technology companies and other stakeholders interact, including personnel, professional advisors, and investors. Success for our clients’ various stakeholders means success for our clients. And that means success for us too.

We would love the opportunity to talk to you more about how ViaFasken can help your business.

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Price Certainty

Subscription-based billing works for our clients - and it can work for us too!  Clients pay a flat fee subscription for standard services, and can defer up to 2 hours per month of other legal work, for 12 months, until they raise a minimum of $250k. Terms and conditions apply.


Increased Efficiency

Stop the printers! Literally. With ViaFasken, you can generate, electronically sign and store documents. No more printing. No more scanning. No more uploading. Efficient delivery of legal documents is possible through simple client input and automated document assembly.


Expert Guidance

Sometimes a company's needs are more sophisticated than what a template can offer. Companies on ViaFasken are not customers, they are clients. And they have access to hundreds of legal professionals across Canada in a variety of areas of expertise.


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Manage Personnel

Add new employees, advisors or consultants with just a few clicks and ViaFasken takes care of the rest. Agreements are automatically assembled and sent out for signature, with the fully-executed copies  filed away in your virtual data room.

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Access Your Documents 24/7

With ViaFasken's virtual data room and virtual minute book, you have access to your key corporate and commercial documents at any time. Create new documents using our commercial templates.

The list will grow over time, so check back often.

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Raise Money

Generate term sheets and all of the other documents you need for your SAFE financing round from A-Z. Reducing your input time means lower average transaction costs.

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Manage your IP Portfolio

ViaFasken streamlines the trademark search process, providing you quick with access to trademark databases, and an online form to make your filing requests directly to one of our trademark agents.


*Subject to standard terms and conditions. Not all applicants are eligible for the Fasken Startup Program. Pricing available to approved applicants. Disbursements invoiced separately.
Features Fasken Startup Program Access Only
Term 12 months
Annual or Monthly Invoicing check check
Pay by Credit Card check check
Acces to ViaFasken check check
Eligibility New Fasken clients accepted into the Startup Program Existing Fasken Clients
Incorporation or Trademark Incorporation of a company or filing of
a trademark application included
Fee Deferral Defer payment for up to 2 hours of legal services each
month until a Minimum Total Financing of $250,000
or Minimum Revenue Milestone of $250,000
Discount 10% discount on additional legal services close